3D configurator: The solution for mass customization

Modular products provide your customers a large choice of individual solutions. However, the complexity of the design-esthetical or geometric-functional decisions is a challenge to the customer. It is hard to know whether it is the design which pleases or the functional properties are right when making the decision. Mistakes can happen easily. And they generate a loss of customer satisfaction and costs for complaints.

With a 3D configurator your customer always has a clear picture of how everything looks and what are the technical options. The customer sees what he gets and therefore gets what he wants. The simplification of the complexity is the main benefit of a 3D configurator, but the satisafcation of the customer with the product ist increasing as well! There will be no mistakes and no customer complaints beacause the offer with the image is 100% correct.

This provides your customers with security. This is your profit.

With its LumoVis und LumoLogic, Lumo Graphics provides you the software and service for effective visualization in product configuration.

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