3D visualization for product configurator

Lumo Graphics provides attractive 3D visualization for a product configurator. The photorealistic image of the individual product will increase the value for the customer significantly.

The graphic engine LumoVis shows the exact configuration status at all times – both online and unplugged. With WebGL as basis almost every modern browser now supports the inteactive realtime content without an extra plug-in.

LumoVis is available in versions for the operation of fully interactive solution on the client and also as a 100% plug-in-free server solution. By cascading the solution, you make optimum use of your customers’ options and achieve 100% image delivery to your client.

Based on the CAD data, we generate 3D visualization models, which are linked to the configurator via the Logic Management System LumoLogic. LumoLogic enables you to manage the virtual models and to depict the product geometry logic simply. If you already have existing CAD Data we have an automated process for the preparation of the visualization model with the help of the LumoLogic Data Preparator.

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