3D product configurator

With a product configurator different variants of products can be configured for customized offers. The product configurator can be viewed as a competitive advantage when selling variants online. Due to the advantages (error-free offer, short reaction time, fewer complaints, higher customer satisfaction) an increase efficiency across the enterprise is achieved. Check out our success stories of solutions for diverse industries.

“In the solution for Klio-Eterna (manufacturer of writing instruments) customers can select their desired writing device online and put it together individually decorated with a logo, examine it three-dimensionally and order interactively.”

If a configuration solution already exists in your company, we simply continue to use the logic over the standardized XML interface. Our integration modules and talented integration consultants, make it easy to integrate seamlessly with existing applications, including existing ERP and CRM solutions, providing an integrated guided selling experience.

It is also an advantage if you already have existing 3D CAD data, those can be processed by us to a visualization model and simply linked together with LumoLogic.

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