Selling variant products successfully with 3D configuration


3D configurator: The solution for mass customization

Modular products provide your customers a large choice of individual solutions. However, the complexity of the design-esthetical or geometric-functional decisions is a challenge to the customer. It is hard to know whether it is the design which pleases or the functional properties are right when making the decision. Mistakes can happen easily. And they generate a loss of customer satisfaction and costs for complaints.

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Products for successful 3D configuration

LumoLogic is the standard solution for an efficient and comfortable combination of 3D visualization and product configuration. The LumoLogic software has been developed with the support of Autodesk with the goal to avoid failures in the configuration of complex products. It allows an easy management of 3D configuration. LumoLogic also allows for an efficient preparation of any 3D data to be used in 3D configuration management.

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The company

As a pioneer of product configuration visualization, Lumo Graphics has been successfully active on the market since 1998. Our interdisciplinary team of more than 30 employees combines top visualization competence and several years' industrial experience as well as the understanding of processes for Mass Customization. The company's location at the heart of the IT-cluster technology region of Karlsruhe offers the optimum networking of research, development and customer proximity. Our work in the field of 3D visualization resulted in us being selected as the CyberChampion in the High Potentials category in the technology region in 2007.

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