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In 2013 we will again provide you with news and reports about 3D visualization and 3D configuration. You will find in this newsletter a look back at an exciting event at Autodesk, the LumoLogic 2.0 tutorial and the benefits of Lumo solutions for medical technology. Moreover, some references to interesting events.
For the first time in this newsletter, we will launch a small price draw for you as loyal readers. For among all senders we would draw a free workshop for the individual determination of the value of a Lumo solution. So that in the future you make visibly better decisions.

New LumoLogic Tutorial available

The tutorial shows the benefits and value of LumoLogic 2.0

The LumoLogic tutorial was revised for the current version 2.0. This LumoLogic tutorial shows anyone interested how LumoLogic can be useful in various fields. Moreover, it is the first information about the possibilities and benefits of LumoLogic. The tutorial also presents the advanced features of 2.0 LumoLogic.

Autodesk Automotive Innovation Days


Lumo Graphics discussed with Autodesk and the the automotive industry the use of LumoLogic

The Autodesk Automotive Innovation Forum will bring together Autodesk Automotive specialists and leading industry experts to discuss some of the biggest challenges facing the Automotive industry today. At the munich Automotive Innovation Forum Lumo Graphics presented its solutions for the easy management of variants within the Autodesk solutions. The main presentation focus layed on the ease-of-use and the streamlined processes. Special emphasis was placed on the representation of simplicity and consistency of use for customers. Moreover, Lumo Graphics was able to show that managing variants with LumoLogic in collaboration with Autodesk products also optimally prepared the product development process for use in marketing communications


Value analysis of Lumo solutions

Your chance to win a one day Workshop

In the recent years the solutions of Lumo Graphics often provided its value at our customers. But sometimes there is a lack of a reliable metric and method for determining this value. With our LumoValue Analysis we will give customers and partners the ability to methodically determine what value a user can expect. For the introduction of this new product, we draw for all readers a one-day workshop. Just send a short e-mail address and your name to: kontakt@lumo.de

Use Cases of LumoLogic


Medical Technology Benefits from 3D Visualization

In recent years medical technology has experienced a spectacular boom. For companies offering medical technology solutions, being able to use customized tools and innovative technologies is giving them an increasingly competitive edge in the sale of complex product variants. More and more companies are coming to rely on the interactive configuration of products offered by 3D visualization in order to manage this product diversity, not least when communicating with clients. The products of Lumo Graphics provide a basis for this.

3D visualization at the CeBit


Treorbis presented jointly developed solution at the CeBit 2013

From the configuration to the 3D visualization – with the SAP certified treorbis Variant Configuration companies simplify the dealing with configurable products in the daily process. This intelligent data management in combination with a photo-realistic representation of the variant products results in a competitive advantage over competitors. For the visualization part Lumo Graphics developed jointly with partner treorbis a solution that was first presented at CeBIT 2013.

3D-Visualization and Mass Customization

Konfigurationsexperte B.J. Pine II über den Erfolgsfaktor 3D-Visualisierung

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