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For the first time ever you are reading the LumoNews, the newsletter of Lumo Graphics that will be periodically published in future. We want to give you an information advantage that is important to sell your products faster and much more riskless.

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One Successful Decade of 3D Configuration

Since 10 years Mercedes-Benz Bus Rely on Lumo Graphics

The 3D configuration that is also used by Mercedes-Benz Bus improves the sales process of complex products and forces the buying decision through an intuitive understanding of products.

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LumoLogic 2.0 Will Be Launched Soon

New Functionalities Will Make LumoLogic Much More Valuable

In mid-March 2012 LumoLogic comes to life. LumoLogic – the software solution to combine 3D-visualisation with the logic of configuration – will be released in the version 2.0 with extended functionality. Learn more about LumoLogic in our tutorials.

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The Customization 500

A Global Benchmark Study of Online BtoC Mass Customization

The Customization 500 is the world’s most comprehensive benchmark study in the field and compares 500 online configuration systems and customization offerings.

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BigIdeas Europe 2012

London, 17&18 April 2012

BigIdeas Europe offers savvy sales and business professionals new insights to help them optimise their sales processes to sell more and sell faster.

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[Translate to English:] 3D-Visualisierung und Mass Customization

Konfigurationsexperte B.J. Pine II über den Erfolgsfaktor 3D-Visualisierung

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