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the third edition of the LumoNews provides you with interesting information about 3D visualization and configuration. With our case studies, news and events, we aim to give you a decisive information advantage to sell your products better and safer.


3D configuration management in medical technology

Berchtold uses 3D Visualization by Lumo Graphics to generate drawings in the quotation process

Even in the medical industry individually configured products are used increasingly. Beyond the interactive 3D visualization the german-based company Berchtold uses the solutions of Lumo Graphics to generate automatically accurate technical drawings. based on the 3D product configuration.

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New offices at the old location

Lumo Graphic grows and moves

In recent months, Lumo Graphics realize a healthy and rapid growth. This has meant that the old offices were getting too small. The consequence: Lumo Graphics moved to new offices in addition to other offices in the Hardtstr. 37a. The new offices house sales, marketing and administration.

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German Mass Customization Conference

Salzburg, June 28-29, 2012

On june, 28 and 29 the German mass customization community met for the tenth time in their conference to discuss how mass customization, personalization, and open innovation can be implemented profitably. Lumo Graphics presented LumoLogic in the main program and showed the benefits of effective management of the 3D visualization in the product configuration process.

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Forrester published research study


Mass customization has long been the next big thing in product strategy. After a variety of false starts, its time has finally come. Changes in customer-facing technology are opening up new opportunities for product strategists to bring customers into product design, creating both customer loyalty and higher margins. While it will take a decade for mass customization to become widespread, product strategists should seize the opportunity to be first movers today.

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