LumoLogic DataPreparator – Automating process integrated 3D data preparation

Efficient and continuous processes are the foundation for the successful use of 3D visualization in product configuration. With the LumoLogic DataPreparator module Lumo Graphics lays the cornerstone for a continuous 3D data process. This leads to visibly better decisions.

With the LumoLogic DataPreparator module Lumo Graphics creates an opportunity to merge and automate all 3D data processes. The LumoLogic DataPreparator combines the 3D visualization data from different sources, like for example a 3D CAD system, checks them for completeness and prepares them in order to be processed in LumoLogic.

LumoLogic DataPreparator is the standard solution for integrated and efficient 3D data preparation processes in a company. With LumoLogic companies get the opportunity to prepare 3D visualization data quickly, efficiently and properly for a 3D configuration management.

Thus, the company can not only establish a continuous and automated 3D data process but also eliminate redundancies in the 3D database. Thanks to its universality LumoLogic DataPreparator is very well suited to set-up a continuous 3D data process, that can not only be used during configuration but also for every visualization process in a company. That creates a high level of flexibility, prevents errors and allows a rapid response to product changes.

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